Magic Triangles 2022

Magic Triangles Mobile can be purchased in the Windows Store.
For Windows 10 Phone. 2,99 €

Magic Triangles Mobile
(2022 02 Magic Triangles Mobile has been removed from the Microsoft Store)

Magic Triangles 2020 for Windows Desktop PC

Price: 5-15 Euro

Download and play the full version of Magic Triangles and if you like the game click on the donation button on the support page to buy it.

free to try
free to use for teachers in schools
free if you make a YouTube video with Magic Triangles

Please use only the original download link from this website for an installation! Magic Triangles has been stolen by hackers and abused for bad purpose. (screenshot)

The game must not be sold or hosted for download elsewhere.

Download-Link (right-click on the ship and save target as...)